Saturday, July 17, 2010

//REstART V2.0

Let's see, let's see...

I just got back from a pleasant trip to Santa Fe. It was a great time with great friends. That state will turn me into a fat ass, exceptional food. Each visit there seems to energize me. It always makes me want to draw my arse off when I get back. It's a very inspiring place.

Okay, so here we go...
I started doing warm-ups every day and here are a few(most are throw aways) with some other stuff mixed in.

This a pretty rough Charcoal drawing of Larissa...Sorry for the egg head Larissa.
B&W final drawing for the current Art Order challenge. Dwarf Vs. Hook Horror
Warm-up 25 mins
Olga Kurylenko warm-up ~ 1 hr 45m {Thanks for the photo ref interwebs}

Thanks for stopping by. more to come :)

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